Consider Paras Homes to build your custom dream home on your private property or lot!

  •   Experience

    Building a new home on acreage or your own lot often presents challenges that require an experienced and knowledgeable contractor. In addition to building in our own neighborhoods, Paras Homes has had numerous successful projects on acreage and individual lots throughout the years. During 2011 and 2012 alone, we have had several such projects, including on south hill acreage, the Chewelah Golf Course, and even on Lake Coeur d' Alene! Paras Homes provides the necessary experience and knowledge.

  •   Proper Site Evaluation

    At Paras Homes, we firmly believe that proper positioning of a home on the property can add tremendous value!  We take immense pride in positioning a home properly both for proper drainage, as well as for home aesthetics, which enhances value.  We are constantly amazed at how many local builders lack this fundamental knowledge, and it is a great service we can provide. 

  •   Cost Control

    During this slower economy, we have kept our production level higher than most local residential contractors, mostly due to our reputation for building quality homes and providing courteous service to our clients. Because we are generating more volume, we are better able to control costs with our subcontractor base, which greatly benefits our customers. We strongly feel that we can produce a home at a better cost than the smaller contractor or owner.

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